Everything evil in the world is of Satan and his followers.

ISIA, PUTIN, And all the rest of the thugs are product of Satan himself.  How can we tell Israel to back off on Hamas ? Unbelievable,,,They should level every building a rocket is fired.

The world is going to get extremely more explosive in the near future, It has too?  Why Bible Prophecy has to be fulfilled. The stage is being set for the reign of the anti-Christ and one world government to be established on the earth…All hell will break out after 3  and a half years of Peace.

The whole world will be at war..But, its not all bad? Because after a time, Jesus will come back to earth to rule. All tears will be done away, Satan locked up with all the Adolf HITLERS of the world..

There will be peace and happiness, with Christ ruling from the center of the earth, Jerusalem.


If you want to be on the winning side??Ask Jesus to forgive your sins and be your savior and Lord. Tell him how sorry you are for all the messed up actions and decisions you have made in your life/ Believe he is the only son of father God.  John 3:16 is the most important verse in the whole bible.

What’s holding you back? Pride? selfishness?  probably,,,we all experience it at times.   Its really funny, you don’t have to give up anything to have a relationship with GOD ,,,The things you worry about giving up are earthly stuff..Most, you won’t even want to do anymore once Jesus and the Holy Spirit gets through with your remodel of your soul..\

At least think about it? Read some of the gospels in the new testament…Let God talk to you thru his word. There is all kinds of bibles and literature on line,,Just Google it! is an example,,,God Bless mMLB2014

One Response to “Everything evil in the world is of Satan and his followers.”

  1. What a wonderful day when Christ will come back and rule in peace throughout eternity! Lord bless. Thanks for the reminder of the wonderful blessings that await God’s people.

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