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The Closer We Are to Jesus ~

September 1, 2014

Originally posted on CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann:
The closer we are to Jesus, the less likely we’ll fall into sin the nearer we are to Him the more power, we’ll have within. The faster we repent, the closer to Jesus we will be the sooner we find His grace the more of God’s mercy, we’ll see. The…

Psalm 67 Decreed Over You

September 1, 2014

Originally posted on Pure Glory:
by Apostle Gabriel Cross I decree Psalms 67 over you today. We stand on the earth and decree that as we Praise Jehovah today, the whole earth is yielding to you it’s increase. Insurmountable Wealth, needed and undiscovered resources, and supernatural governmental, judicial, wisdom be UNLOCKED for you today! ©…

Earthquakes, Sinkholes, And Trumpet Noises. What does it all mean??

September 1, 2014

Originally posted on These Christian Times:
Hello All this is my first video I created for  These Christian Times YouTube Channel. I am excited and was very nervous in the video so please be patient. I hope to only grow as time goes on. This video consists of Increased Earthquakes, Strange Noises & Sinkholes: Secret…

Is Homosexuality A Sin (and who do we believe)?

September 1, 2014

ALL SIN IS A SEPARATOR FROM GOD AND SHOULD BE DONE AWAY WITH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE,AHomo sexual person, a liar, adultress, stealer, all will be without God in the world tomorrow,,,

Jehovah Sabaoth Has Given All You Need

September 1, 2014

Originally posted on Pure Glory:
by Apostle Gabriel Cross We don’t operate, live, nor move by the things of the Past. We operate, live, and move by what JEHOVAH SABAOTH HAS SAID OVER OUR FUTURE! MOVE IN THE ANOINTING OF WHAT JEHOVAH HAS ALREADY DONE! He created the heavens and the earth first, so YOU…

I Call Him my Lord ~

September 1, 2014

Originally posted on CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann:
I call Him my Lord, for, in my heart He lives I call Him my Savior for, my sins He forgives. I call Him my Comforter, my forever Friend I call my Protector my Refuge to the end. I call Him my King, for, in my life…

The Rise And Fall Of America. How An Ancient Prophecy Discovered By A Rabbi Could Spell Doom For Our Country.

September 1, 2014

Originally posted on These Christian Times:
Jonathan Cahn is an amazing Rabbi. God has bestow a prophetic gift for him to share with the world. He is sounding an alarm that the United States could be heading for a collapse of Biblical proportions. When the World Trade Centers Collapse it set into motion an chain…

Tribulation May Come Sooner Then You Think as ISIS Divides the Muslim World Into 10 Regions and Turkey Prime Minster Erdogan Rises as an Antichrist Candidate!

September 1, 2014

Originally posted on Reality Of Christ:
Huge News! A few days ago I released the jaw-dropping news that Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, announced his plans to form an Islamic Caliphate with Turkey as the head. Considering this ‘huge statement’ I decided to investigate a little more and rather shockingly I…


September 1, 2014

harvests” rel=”nofollow”>PDF version by Kenneth Copeland What do you do when someone mistreats you?   I didn’t ask what you want to do. I didn’t ask what your automatic fleshly reaction is. I already know that.   Your natural, knee-jerk response is the same as mine. You want to strike back. You want to do […]

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