Believe this or not,,,I must admit I didn,t!!

The hardest part of following Christ? Is to accept faith in what Jesus did at the cross is what saves a person?? We can’t accept the fact all we have to do is believe on Jesus, who, what and when he did it all at Calvary saves us, what di I mean by saves us, We were always told to get anything in life??You have to earn it, nothing is free!!
This is very true in the physical world, but not in the Kingdom of God.

Because of Adam and his wife in eh garden Man was given a sentence to be separated from Christ forever, Never again would he live as The first people did! The wages of sin are death,

But, before the world was formed God, had already drew up a plan to where mankind could be forgiven and reconciled to his presence,

The only way sin can be forgiven or done away is by blood. The blood of Jesus was holy and sin free, The animals blood only covered sin in a sacrifice, It had to be done every year, Jesus only once and forever.

God looked upon Abraham and David, they were credited with righteousness due to believing in everything he asked or told them to do,
He looks at you and me by nothing we have done as being righteous, when we make up our sinful minds to believe in his son and the finished work at the cross,

Going to Church, praying, tithing, kindness , helping people, being good, does not make us righteous,. ,God does not know you if you can’t believe in only Jesus and who what and when he did it all, son of God, crucified, and arose again, If you can’t believe this? You have a serious problem with Jesus.

Oh FORGOT TO MENTION, RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE WHO good CONSIDERS RIGHTEOUS, DO ALL THE THINGS MENTIONED ABOVE, Going to Church, Praying, Giving, etc etc ,But, that’s not what makes us righteous in the eyes of God, Because if it did? We would by self works brag we achieved it not Jesus.
I f this wasn’t true? Jesus and his death at the cross was a waste of time.!!

Its not the way we live that saves us, Its the way we believe that does the work, We can never be happy if we follow religious rules, and try to work our way to righteousness,, Once we understand, when we are born again, all of our sins are forgiven Past, present and future, we won’t even think about sinning again. When we live under the ten commandments we are living under the law not grace.

Sin self destroys and convicts us, Grace gives us happiness knowing we are forgiven and never will have our sins counted against us ever again,

So I can now relax and not worrying about saving the world and acquiring favoritism from God. I already have it, but just don’t know it, Jesus is the one who made it available, Jesus is the one who will set us free!!amen

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