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The Law of God requires judgement and punishment of unrightousness, and the Bible clearly states that no-one is righteous. Because a holy, perfect and just God cannot deny his own nature by simply ignoring or excusing the sins of people who have rebelled against his holy law, all people are in a desperate situation. Having shown man’s problem, the Christian Testament goes on to explain the solution: the Good News.

This Good News is that there is one way (John 14:6) by which people from all nations may be restored to relationship with God: if they choose to stop living life their own way and turn to Jesus in repentance and faith. A key theme of the Christian good news is that God offers a new life and forgiveness through Jesus. Jesus’ teaching of the good news also relates to the coming of the Kingdom of God (Mark 1:14-15, see also second coming).

Christian Theology attempts to describe the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ not as a new concept, but one that has been foretold throughout the Old Testament and was prophetically preached even at the time of the Fall of Man as contained in Genesis 3:14-15. It is called Proto-Evangelion or Proto-Gospel.[1]

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  1. Very well explained.. oh how important it is ! Lord bless.

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