“We can’t afford a Christian President”

blood moon for America?

A Mom Looking Up

A brother-in-Christ told our Wednesday night prayer group that someone said this to him a while back, when they were discussing Mike Huckabee.

How many times have you heard this?

I’ve heard something similar, like, “A Christian president would never get elected in today’s world, so it’s better not to waste your vote on someone who will only lose. Go for the lesser evil of the two guys who have a shot at winning”.

While it is a sad commentary of the direction this country has turned, I believe it goes much deeper than that.

America most certainly CAN afford a Christian president. In fact, we cannot afford NOT to have one.

That is what the demonic powers-that-be know. We can call them the global elitists if we want, but they are really puppets of the demonic forces/principalities that are chomping at the bit to get full control of this…

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