what do you mean hard work won.t get me favor from GOD?

A lot of Christians are very unhappy.. They are so worried about sinning and making a mistake they can,t function,,What is the real problem? We are trying to live under grace but haven,t given up following the law to salvation.

We have a hard time accepting the fact, something as great as salvation is offered free of charge, From the first grade in school what did the teacher say?  Class if you work real hard you will make good grades. Same thing with sports in HS ,,if you practice and work hard you will play!!We got a job, if you work real hard you will get a pro and a raise!!See the problem?

The preacher says that we can get everything by not working but believing the right way.  Come on now, I was always taught good little boys and girls will be visited by Santa and go to heaven  Bad ones don’t get anything,

ok We have gotten this far,,,Now you have to work hard and find out what is Grace?  What is Faith An what is the only way to GOD THE FATHER?  Use your Bible or Google your favorite pastor, try http://www.preach it teach,,you can ask Rodger?  cheers mlb

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