Soap box time

It seems every church has faults,,every religion is doomed,,I yet to find any church agreeable to the pilgrims of the world…If you don,t believe me??just google,,whats wrong with the church of,,,,,,? So it comes down to this…The devil is doing everything to prevent us from turning or just following God/

I didn’t,t realize a person can have a relationship with God without attending church….Church should be a place where we celebrate everything Jesus has done at the Cross.So don’t use the church as a reason you don’t know Jesus.

I came to know him a few years ago,,,I was on my death bed going to Hell,,I deserved it so,,But thru his mercy he had other ideas.

I have a long ways to go but, I am convinced he will steer me in the right direction, The lord is amazing..He always works when we stop.  If you and I just have faith in him, it would be a lot easier.

So in conclusion, Develop a relationship with Jesus. Admit to him, you are a sinner. .ask him to forgive you for all your sins since the womb.  Ask him to save you from the gates of Hell. To come into your heart and show the way,  In Jesus name, amen  congrats if you do this and mean it your a new man or woman in Christ,,,Read your bible and talk to Jesus thru prayer, We must refine our warped mines for the last fifty years?

Miraculosly  I became a marvel to the doctors at nw hospital in Tucson.

One Response to “Soap box time”

  1. If a church believes our salvation depends on believing what Jesus did at Calvary? Nothing we can do to earn admission to the biggest event of all time? We came into this world branded a sinner, The wages of death is sin. Unless ,we are born again, or forgiven by Christ, we will die and go to a place called Hell. Hell is complete darkness separated from god.

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