Remember the good not the evil? Forget any hurt . negative actions or bad things, Because that wasn’t me doing or saying those things. I was not that smart ass you thought you knew?

Most of the hurtful moments came from the tongue. The tongue can bring down nations and people.

W e are all born with a sinful nature. Our mission is to destroy and slander the world. In Romans 8, Paul the Apostle talks about things he did that he really didn’t want to do. The things he wanted to do he couldn’t.

So when I go, and you may pass by my grave…If someone may happen to say? ‘ “he was a bastardy?”/ Just do me a favor?/say that wasn’t him. The real man you will meet in the millennium of CHRIST, amen

The real him?/Well he was born again and his righteous in the eyes of the Lord!! God sees only his son when he looks at Larry. You saw only the shameful him from the worlds point of view; God judges his heart,,,,,,,,,,,That’s the real him!! good day

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