Think how sad God was?

when generation after generation turned their backs upon him, ,Everything he has done for man since Adam has gone against his word….All because of a fallen angel…

Think how un-happy he must be of the situation the world has become such a cesspool. Just like the days of NOAH,,,WHAT did he do? He destroyed it except for a few.

Now he is about to do the same, but with fire this time. Can we understand why the path to a relationship with GOD is so narrow? We can.t go a day on our own in a righteous way….That’s what’s so good about the good news…He provided us a way to escape this hell hole called earth.

The way, the truth and the life,. ,JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. HE God, was refused by his own people in ISRAEL. They missed the Messiah folks, But soon they will see…God bless you Jesus! COME SOON!!!

One Response to “Think how sad God was?”

  1. The more you find about him? The more you look forward until he comes back!! The more a person wants an immortal body, the more I want to see the new earth and heaven in the future!!

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