PERSONAL NOTE ..just in passing all have heard the phrase the  path is long and narrow to Heaven,  As I grow in Christ, thru the word, I understand more everyday its meaning.  Thousands up on thousands who have heard of Jesus but really don’t understand  the real meaning…Just ask a couple of your family and friends how one becomes saved?

Before I went ALL JESUS BLOG , I had a blog of the world, all about the world,,You name it I had an article up..In Two years There was over 100 thousand hits on my website. I became very ill, spent 3 months in a coma, I forgot my password to word press and my  from  sight. Ever try to recover a password at  word press.

ANYHOW, The Holy Spirit for the Glory of Jesus, encouraged me to go all in!!In conclusion, I have almost 20 thousand hits after 3 years ,,,But, The 20,000 is like 200 thousand in the real world..If only one person is saved because of an article I write or display, someday I will be rewarded.  I do it because someone gave me a second chance to life,,,I was pronounced dead, My wife had the deacons of a church to pray for me,,Guess what folks, 7 major operations, colon cancer, MRSAinfection, I am still here,,So to the man named Jesus I thank him for saving me.  I want nothing more in life for me and my whole family as far as can be going forward, and as far back as well. to have their names written in GODS BOOK OF LIFE. nothing  MORE OR NOTHING LESS?

one more request, when PLACES ME somewhere during the millennium to help feed his sheep??Please make it San Diego..These Arizona summers are brutal!!  good day

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