We were chosen by God, before the earth, to be born and in some cases?? To become members of his family.   We had no input in his decision.  In some cases. people were born but not planned in his future kingdom.

I feel that some people wont believe no matter what a person does…to help them in believing. What blows my mind? Its so easy to live under the obedience of GODS WILL,  We have the free will to accept or say no when Jesus comes a knocking.

Never give up pray for anybody who has died and never were born again,,,God can save anyone he wishes, because he is GOD  Prayer can move mountains…God can control hell@@@

our job is not to SAVE SOULS…the HOLY SPIRITS JOB….to help by telling the lost souls  how, when and where about JESUS an what he offers us all thru his love.

we were born to be prosperous not rich or poor,  We have been placed on the heart to spread the good news about God kingdom   to arrive on earth.   We are to be servants of God.  We need to help the widows, homeless and poor on earth.

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