if you one?Please enjoy this placed called the world

No. 5 THE WHOREMONGERS. Who is his fifth group? This refers to those who are unfaithful to their marriage vows. The Bible speaks of them as adulterers and adulteresses. But the word of God even takes is a step further. The Bible says if a person looks upon another with lust in their heart, then inwardly he or she has already committed adultery in their heart. You see the word of God places emphasis on the inward man. You say, will preacher none of us have a chance. That is the reason we need Jesus because Jesus forgives all these sins when we ask him to be our savior.
No. 6 THE SORCERERS. The word of God says all sorcerers have their part in the Lake of fire. The sorcerers are those who deal in demon worship. They deal in spiritism and involved in occult, and involved in the new age movement. They are a follower of the devil. The devil’s place is in the Lake of fire and they will follow the devil in the very same Lake where there will be always dying but never dead.
No. 7 THE IDOLATERS. Now and idolater bows down to the things of the world. The greatest idol is themselves. They want to do their own thing. They love the things of the world. They are earth dwellers. They have planted their feet here on the Earth and they will go down with it. You can make an idol out of anything. An idol is anything that keeps you from Jesus and what he wants you to do.
No. 8 THE LIARS. They are the people who where the church clothes in their churches. They say the church things and know a lot about the church but truth is many have never been born-again. They went out from us because they were not of us for if they had been of us they would have no doubt continued with us.
None of us would like to be a neighbor to the people I have named but if we do not know Jesus as our savior these will be our neighbors in hell.

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