Airplanes, automobile and computers. What an amazing time God has given to mankind.

Anything or place in the world is available to man in a short period of times if not minutes..

Bring UP GOOGLE and we can find out anything we wish to know about the BIBLE or word of God.

The Gospel or Kingdom of god WILL BE preached to all the world. Is there anyplace satellite or the internet can’t reach….Did you know the gospel IS behind all the bamboo and iron curtains of this world,,,

How can anyone who died or will stand before GOD and SAY “I DIDN’T KNOW?”

Come to and accept Jesus as your savior. Why would anyone want to have to go before the judge himself someday?

There is nothing in this world as important as SALAVATION for you and your family. Do you know him? If no not yet///What are you…

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