whats wromg with the…………..denomination

Pick any Church you know and enter in the blank space. It will blow you away on some of the arguments are confusing and adds doubt to some of our beliefs..

Most of the arguments,,,I turn to MATHEW HENRYS Commentaries for clarification.. The Bible and prayer…

finally, with all my soul searching, I have decided to handle future questions, If it is something Christ told us to do it…If he says its because of something he has already done?? Believe it!

Please refrain from denominational quackery. put all your faith in the WORD of Christ,,,not in the petty requirements by men…

If your church plays musical instruments The more power to you, If your church doesn’t?? More power to you, Take our eyes off on man items in the Church,, Quit living under the law, just love your god with all your hearts, and your neighbors amen,,,

LORD FORGIVE for what I do That I really don’t want to do? The things I don’t do that I should! Forgive me for judging my fellow man. I am a sinner, ( PAUL THE APOSTLE)
Give me the power to follow you always. Keep sin and the devil away from me and my family, In the name of Jesus amen

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