How Do I Know The Bible Is Really From God?

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

newsfromabove asked a question:

Hello pastor Park! Thank you very much for answering so many people’s questions. You’re a wonderful presence here on Tumblr. My question, since we’re both skeptic Christians (I used to be a strong atheist), is how do you know the Bible is God’s Word? Tough one maybe. Have a great weekend!

Hey dear friend, I love this question.

There are really two ways to answer. The first is “hard apologetics,” where I just throw facts at you until you have an empirical basis for Scripture being a divinely inspired text. We do need this to intellectually satisfy us. The second is “soft apologetics,” in which the entire storyline of the Bible effectively speaks to our human condition. We need this to existentially fulfill us.

The thing is, even if I lay down a jaw-dropping defense of faith, it won’t be enough to alleviate all our doubts…

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