The Best Traditional Breakfast Food Dishes From Around the World

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Up until recent times, breakfast was not considered “the most important meal of the day,” and was rather a lackluster meal consisting of not much more than bread and a hot drink to “break the fast” of not eating since the night before. We really have the British Empire to thank for the large quantities of delicious and often fatty foods that make up our modern breakfasts.

Breakfast — as the world knows it today — is very reflective of “the Full English Breakfast” and usually contains toasted bread, eggs, and an assortment of meats. Even though much of the world is now eating their own versions of the English and American breakfasts, each country has their own local and traditional breakfast items and dishes. Here are some of the best traditional breakfast food dishes from around the world:


Full English Breakfast — United Kingdom

A heavy and often greasy…

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