By definition, the mystery of God cannot be dragged down from heaven by brain power, or by human righteousness, or merit of any kind. Rather, it must be given of God through revelation. Thankfully, He is ever seeking to do this through the Holy Spirit. Fundamental to this purpose is that He desires to bring His people to the place where they will lose their right to their lives into His hands. If we will, then we will not only find true life in Christ, but we will find CHRIST HIMSELF. We will find LIGHT and TRUTH. And we will be set free.

All of this goes back to the fact that the great mystery of God is CHRIST HIMSELF – indeed, it is Christ in us, the hope of glory. But no longer is this a hidden mystery. It is a revealed one. The entire gospel and preaching of Truth stands upon the foundation that God has chosen to reveal Himself – not only TO people, but IN people. Christ is the means by which God has done this.

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