All the people who believe and trust in Jesus Christ have a thousand years of work to be done in the future.

IT is going to be Heaven on earth!!No devil to mess things up.The most of  wicked who die will remain in their

graves until the end of the Millennium,  So have you considered what you may be asked to do by Jesus?Trust me it will be close to what you are now doing for him at the present time133. YOUR KNOWLEDGE IS NOT JUST GOING TO BE HANDED TO YOU ON A SILVER PLATTER AFTER YOU DIE OR AFTER THE RESURRECTION!  We’re not going to suddenly receive some gift of absolute total omniscience so that we know everything like God–not even the angels have that! I believe we are going to carry our experiences with us from this life over into the next life!–In fact, I am convinced of it! I cannot just say I believe it!–I know it from the Bible & my experiences & others’ afterdeath experiences & just common sense & logic!
134. GOD IS GOING TO USE THE EXPERIENCE, THE TALENTS, THE LANGUAGES THAT YOU NOW KNOW, AS WELL AS THE SUPERNATURAL DIVINE WISDOM & THE MIRACULOUS POWERS THAT HE WILL GIVE YOU. But in many ways you’re still going to be very much like you are right now! And everything the Lord has ever taught you during this life & the things that you are learning now are going to come in very handy then.–Just like God had to send Jesus to become a man to understand us, He’s going to raise up many generations of Christians who understand this World & its people to run & govern them the way they ought to be governed.
135. SO REMEMBER, EVERYTHING YOU’RE LEARNING NOW & DOING NOW & DECISIONS YOU’RE MAKING NOW & EXPERIENCES YOU’RE HAVING NOW ARE A PART OF YOUR SCHOOLING & TRAINING HERE & NOW TO BE USED THERE & THEN!–Otherwise it would be a total waste of time, except for what little we accomplish here, which isn’t very much, comparatively speaking. So for God’s sake, let’s learn our lessons today & learn to be faithful, obedient, dedicated servants now, so He can trust & bless us with a place of usefulness to Him & others tomorrow! Amen? PTL!

136. WHAT A WONDERFUL, GREAT, ONE-THOUSAND-YEAR VICTORY WE HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO DURING THE MILLENNIUM, even over the wicked by our own personal rule! It’s a beautiful prospect not far away, coming soon with the soon-coming of the Lord, as soon as the wicked have completely taken over the Earth under the Antichrist & are destroying it & trying to wipe out God’s people, till their cup of iniquity is full. Then Jesus will come & rescue His Own, God will pour out His Wrath upon the wicked, & we will return with the Lord at the great Battle of Armageddon where we will mop things up & take over the World & establish His glorious Millennial Kingdom on Earth!–TYJ!
137. (PROPHECY:) “IN THAT GOLDEN AGE I SHALL RULE UPON THE EARTH IN PERSON WITH A ROD OF IRON & YE SHALL RULE WITH ME IN MIGHTY POWER! Then the lion shall lie down with the lamb & the bear shall eat grass like the ox & the child shall play on the hole of the asp & nothing shall hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Mountain!
138. “HOW RIGHTEOUS SHALL BE THAT WHICH SHALL COVER THE EARTH, & how shalt thou rule & reign with Me, in My throne, even as I have foretold it & given it unto the prophets of old, & also confirmed it now in the mouth of both Moses & David!” Hallelujah!
139. “BEHOLD, THE DAWN COMETH & THE SON OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ARISETH & THIS SHALL BE A NEW DAY, & His Love shall drop down like rain upon the land & there shall spring forth life! There shall be love & laughter & joy & peace for ever after!–Tomorrow!–When He makes the World free!”
And the dawning to noonday bright,
And Christ’s great Kingdom shall come on Earth!
The Kingdom of Love & Light!”

141. ARE YOU READY FOR IT? Are you a member of Christ’s Kingdom that shall never pass away? Are you one of God’s Children through Jesus Christ His Son, the Great Revolutionary Who shall overthrow all Earthly powers & set up our Kingdom on Earth to establish a lasting World of peace & plenty for all?
142. ARE YOU A CITIZEN OF CHRIST’S KINGDOM ON EARTH NOW? Will you rule & reign with Him when He returns soon to rescue His Own?–If not, receive Him now as your personal Saviour! He’ll give you peace of mind & satisfaction of heart & love & happiness here & now–& Heaven hereafter! amen

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