Angelo J. Knight

40 mins ·


Come pray with me…
Dear God, I praise you and worship you today, for you are great and mighty and do awesome things! You hear my prayers and you answer. Just as your word promises, when I come to you truly BELIEVING, you will bless that faith. Thank you for the healing miracles you have brought about, to your glory. God it is wonderful for the world to see what you have done and what you are doing, because that is a witness to them that you ARE God. I pray today for all my loved ones and the loved ones of my brothers and sisters in Christ, that they will see you and know you; that they will repent and renew; that they will come to you with broken hearts and willing spirits. Please will reach out and touch them. Shake their souls and draw them to you. Save their souls…and lead the backslidden back into the fold. Give them strength to do what is right. May you always be glorified by my life and every one of your children’s lives. With all my heart I pray, in the name of Jesus. Amen

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