I promise not to offend you Pilgrim,,,,get serious



HELLO Pilgrims everywhere

Here we are in the year 2015, it has been over 2015 years since Jesus died on CALVARY.

Lot of water has flowed down the Jordan. Amen. I am going to discuss something that offends most

People, nobody wants a family member to preach to them about some guy from 2015 years ago.

Jesus had the same problem, when he became a minister in Israel. The people who knew him the best,    treated him with disrespect and laughter. He dusted his shoes off and hit the trail. Back to the subject at hand.

I am here to discuss some very important life insurance, the insurance I an offering will cost you nothing financially. It will 0ver time, bring you peace and a new way of living. The ways of the world will change. Things you enjoy now will not be so enjoyable anymore.   I use to be an addicted womanizer, alcohol partaker and many other so called enjoyable fun, not no more. But I use to get upset when Jesus was brought up. It was like I was blind and could not hear. Besides those hypocrites just wasn’t my money. I was too young to give up all the hard work min my life,. Power, money and status. I was too greedy to give up the world,,,,,,

When EVE ASSOCIATED WITH the Devil . she caused she and Adam to sin. Sin is anything contradictory to the commandments of GOD. So everyone who came into the world had separation from God stamped on their behinds.
everyone were sentence to death or separated forever from god…wages of sin is death! So the devil brought on sin .and death to man, God had planned on us living with him eternally. never dyeing. The garden of Eden was paradise on earth.

You may find this interesting or not? God had already planned on this happening before the formation of the earth.

When the Devil talked Adam and ever to sin. It brought death and sin to the world. He thought he had won the game of life. But God had a secret player up his sleeve, The player was Jesus Christ his only son, conceived thru a Virgin girl named Mary, So begins the most unbelievable chapter in the whole wide world,

Sin the first Adam brought death and eternal damnation via sin, Hesus aka God in the flesh, brings life to all who will believe he came died resurrected and ascended to Heaven,,,

He bled 7 times on the way to the cross, His blood is what cleans people from their sins, The lambs and goats blood in the old testament did not bring forgiveness, Only the blood of a sinless Jesus was acceptable for sins. PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE,
Parallel Verses

New International Version
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin
Jesus while walking on earth quoted the following” THE ONLY way to the father is via his son,,We ask him to forgive us, save us and to be our savior, He becomes an advocate for us forever. When God looks at us he sees his son and the cross..

We are called born again in the Bible, all our sins will be thrown away forever, We will grow into matured servants of God, By studying his word , the Bible. Finally, we will spend eternity with God and our love ones who have been born again,

That’s enough for the time being…Give it some serious thought, Your not getting any younger my friend hopefully, time is not of essence,. There will be no second chance. Choose and act wisely. good day

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