In studying the Bible experts have come up with several fun facts. One area that Christian teens have fun with is looking at the numbers of different aspects of the Bible. From the number of books and chapters to how many words are found in the Bible, here are some fun facts every Christian teen can enjoy:

•Books in the Bible: 66
•Books in the Old Testament: 39
•Books in the New Testament: 27
•Shortest book in the Bible: 2 John
•Longest book in the Bible: Psalms


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•Chapters in the Bible: 1189
•Chapters in the Old Testament: 929
•Chapters in the New Testament: 260
•Middle chapter of the Bible: Psalm 117 (KJV)
•Shortest chapter in the Bible: Psalm 117
•Longest chapter in the Bible: Psalm 119

•Verses in the Bible: 31,173
•Verses in the Old Testament: 23,214
•Verses in the New Testament: 7,959
•Shortest verse in the Bible: John 11:35
•Longest verse in the Bible: Esther 8:9

•Words in the Bible: 773,692
•Words in the Old Testament: 592,439
•Words in the New Testament: 181,253
•Number of times “God” is mentioned: 3,358
•Number of times “Lord” is mentioned: 7,736
•Longest Word in the Bible: “Mahershalalhashbaz” in Isaiah 8:1

•The Bible spans 1500 years
•The Bible is translated into 1200 languages
•Number of Bibles distributed in the U.S. every day: 170,000
•Number of promises in the Bible: 1,260
•Number of commands in the Bible: 6,468
•Number of questions in the Bible: 3,294
•Number of writers: 40

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