I promise not to offend you Pilgrim,,,,get serious




HELLO Pilgrims everywhere

Here we are in the year 2015, it has been over 2015 years since Jesus died on CALVARY.

Lot of water has flowed down the Jordan. Amen. I am going to discuss something that offends most

People, nobody wants a family member to preach to them about some guy from 2015 years ago.

Jesus had the same problem, when he became a minister in Israel. The people who knew him the best,    treated him with disrespect and laughter. He dusted his shoes off and hit the trail. Back to the subject at hand.

I am here to discuss some very important life insurance, the insurance I an offering will cost you nothing financially. It will 0ver time, bring you peace and a new way of living. The ways of the world will change. Things you enjoy now will not be so…

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