All these years I have had it all wrong folks…I knew there is a God and Jesus and a Holy Spirit.  Even though Jesus died for my sins past, present and future, It was father God who died for you and me as well,,,the Trinity is 3 separate individuals but all are GOD.

I never really understood why someone eating an apple would make me go to hell,,, I know the reason!  They both sinned because God told them not to do something,,The wages of sin is death spiritually or separated from God forever, in some cases.  Every person who was born after Adam and Eve has a death certificate attached to their spirit, until its removed. The devil is the culprit who brought sin into the worlds vocabulary.

Our loving God, loves us all so much,,He could not stand bye and watch the people of the world die and be separated from Him..God made man for relationships .

Back in the early times, The Jewish people were chosen by GOD. It was thru them, they would preach the gospel or righteousness to the gentiles.  , God  chose them, because ooff ABRAHAMS AND his pledge, for moving to the promise land.  God told Abraham his heirs would be a numerous as the sand on the oceans.  Israel is where God chose to bring on his promises and offer of salvation or forgiveness to all.

To make a long story short, it didn’t turn out the way ,  Because of sin and the refusal to accept Jesus as the SAVIOR of Mankind. God scattered the Jewish people all over the world for sinning.

You should know the rest of the story up until 1948 when they started returning to the Holy land of Israel.

Jesus Christ is and will be the perfect sacrifice for mankind to worship ,to remove all our sins and be considered righteous in the eyes of God. We are considered Righteous when we believe JESUS for what he did at Calvary, for dying in our place for our sin. He arose the third day so we could never die, as long as we put our faith in him. He is the only way to the FATHER.

THE SALVATION GOD  OFFERS IS a gift,..Its known as GRACE.  We can not work for a gift. If we work for it ?/ Its no longer a gift….All we have to do??Believe Jesus, born by a Virgin, lived, and died for sins. He arose  on the third day,,,40 days later, he ascended to be with his father in Heaven,  He is alive and will show the cross scars when he returns.

Do you believe this??I am sure 9 out of 10 do, If you admit to God in prayer you are a sinner? Ask him to forgive you?  You will become born again with a new spirit, The new body will come someday when we die.  This is called born again.  You will begin a new journey>  By refining our mind by reading the Bible or word of God.  amen

WE all know the Israelites  refuse to believe for many reasons.  They were looking for a Messiah who was a military leader.  He would drive the Romans out of the land.

Jesus aka, God IN the flesh, instructed Saul,  aka Paul to take the message to the Gentiles, or non circumcised people of the world.  The Good news spread as wild fire thru out the land. Its been spreading all over the world for the last 2016. years.  People either accept or refuse to believe the good news,

So in closing,  The Gospel is the way a person can become righteous and be forgiven by God…Its available to everyone on earth regardless,   Believing is the answer on JESUS CHRIST AS OUR SAVIOR AND LORD,,,,,no other way,to the father…AMEN

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