Jesus said, “Nobody who starts ploughing and then looks back, will be fit for where God is king”. (Luke 9:62)

Psalm 25

  (This is a psalm) of David

v1   LORD, I lift myself up to you.

v2   My God, I will trust in you.
Do not let me be ashamed.
Do not let my enemies triumph over me.

v3   No! Do not let anyone that hopes in you be ashamed.
Let the people that say false things without a reason be ashamed.

v4   LORD, show me your ways.
Teach me your paths.

v5   Lead me in your truth.
Teach me, because you are the God that saves me.
I hope in you all the day long.

v6   LORD, remember your love and your kindness.
They have always been, from long ago.

v7   Do not remember my sins when I was young,
or the wrong things I did (when I was older).
LORD, remember your kindness to me,
because you are good.

v8   The LORD is good and always right,
so he will teach sinners in the way.

v9   He will lead the meek in judgment,
he will teach the meek his way.

v10   All the ways of the LORD are kindness and truth
to the people that keep his covenant.

v11   LORD, because of your name
forgive my sin, though it is great.

v12   Who is the man that is afraid of the LORD?
The LORD will show him the way
that the LORD will choose for him.

v13   He will have a good life.
His children will inherit the earth

v14   (People like this) will be the friends of the LORD,
as long as they worship him.
The LORD will show them his covenant.

v15   My eyes are always looking towards the LORD,
so that he can bring my feet out from the net.

v16   Turn yourself to me and be kind to me,
because I am lonely and hurt.

v17   The troubles in my life just get more and more.
Oh, take away from me the things that make me unhappy.

v18   Look at my trouble and pain
and forgive all my sins.

v19   Look at my enemies,
they keep getting more and more.
They hate me very much.

v20   Protect my life and make me safe.
Do not let me be ashamed,
because I am hiding in you.

v21   Protect my life because I am honest and good
and I hope in you.

v22   God, give to Israel help in all its trouble

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