Just as the enemies of God go to Sheol,
so will all the nations that forget him.

v18   Know this: God will not always forget the poor.
  The oppressed will not have to hope for evermore.

v19   LORD, stand up! Do not let men become too powerful.
  Let the nations find justice before you.

Four important words in this psalm are:

  ·   *forgive: this does not only mean that God excuses us. He also put our *sins on to Jesus when Jesus died on the *cross.

  ·   *redeem: this means to “buy back”. When Jesus died on the *cross, he bought us back, or redeemed us, from Satan. Satan is God’s enemy. He is not as powerful or strong as God is. *Satan is not a god.

  ·   stand: this means that when God *forgives us, we can stand in front of him. He will not *punish (hurt) us because of our *sins.  Easy English bible

  ·   in awe: this means “a bit afraid of someone that you love”. We are “in awe” of God because he is so great and powerful. But he does not frighten us. We know that he loves us. That is why he does not frighten us.

v20   LORD, make them afraid.
  Make the nations know that they are only human.


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