people who refuse to obey the LORD

Examples from the Old Testament to show that God punishes bad people

5 I want to tell you again about certain things. You know these facts already, but I want you to remember them. Remember how the Lord brought Israel’s people out of the country called Egypt. At that time, he saved them. But later he destroyed all those people who did not believe him. 6 Also, remember the angels who refused to obey God. They took authority that God had not given to them. They left their own proper place in heaven. So God has tied them up for always. He has put them in the dark place below. He will keep them there until that great day when he will decide about everyone. He will decide what should happen to everyone in the world.

One Response to “people who refuse to obey the LORD”

  1. God destroyed his favorite country due to sin,,,think about it

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