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Jesus is laughing at Americas leaders

July 2, 2015

read psalms2…  He’s the one who is laughing so hard he almost rolled off his throne…loll,,,,,,,,I think of some of the things he did in the old testament to unbelievers,,,,My favorite was when the teenagers were being rude to Elisha,,,He called the bears out and they mauled 40 gangsters with tattoos,,, You can walk on […]


July 2, 2015

“The difference between Christianity and every other faith in the world is that all other religions are about man trying to reach up to God.  Christianity is about God reaching down to man

Some Blog Changes

July 2, 2015

Originally posted on Living in the Kingdom of God –Diana Symons:
Hello my friends. I moved my blog to a hosted WordPress site, so those of you who subscribed to my old blog won’t be getting an email post unless you go to the new site and subscribe in the right hand column. If you…

Christianity, More Than a Creed or Code

July 2, 2015

Originally posted on Inspirational Christian Blogs:
JUNE 27 “…and thou shalt call His name Jesus: for He shall save His people from their sins.” – Matthew 1:21 Are Christians fools for believing in Jesus? Are we serving a false God? If you go to the tomb of Confucius, you’ll find it’s occupied. If you go to…

Praying Through God’s Word: Old Testament

July 2, 2015

Originally posted on Learning From God's Word:
GENESIS Genesis 1:1-3 Lord, help us to get our priorities right – Your priorities. May our lives be more centred on You – less centred on ourselves. Help us to listen for Your Word – not to jump straight in with our own words. Help us to open…

Lord, when hard times come our way …

July 2, 2015

Originally posted on Learning From God's Word:
Lord, when hard times come our way, help us to remember that “Your steadfast love never ceases” (Lamentations 3:22). When bad things are happening to us, help us to keep on remembering that You are still the good God. Who are we to say that You are no…

Lord, we thank You for Jesus, our Saviour.

July 2, 2015

Originally posted on Learning From God's Word:
Lord, we thank You for Jesus, our Saviour. In Him, You have given us “every spiritual blessing” (Ephesians 1:3). What blessings You have given to us – the forgiveness of sins, the Holy Spirit living in us, eternal life with You (Ephesians 1:7,13-14). Help us to praise…

Lord, help us to have faith in You …

July 2, 2015

Originally posted on Learning From God's Word:
Lord, help us to have faith in You – faith that is humble, and faith that is confident. Lord, give us a humble faith. Give us the humility that comes from knowing that You are God – and we’re not God! Lord, give us the confidence which…


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