Top sheriff: America now ruled by ‘oligarchy’

The Harley Factor

Our great country has been vanishing before our eyes.  Not the physical part, the spiritual part.  Quite frankly our freedom, what we have left, will soon be gone.

Thought police are watching us and listening to everything we say.  We now have full rights to free speech; “if you are part of a protected political class”.  It will soon be a crime to speak freely about Christian values, or perform Christian functions.

In the below article found  at WND, Sheriff Clark is stating the obvious,  our government is an oligarchy. Not a democracy or republic.

An oligarchy is a government ruled by a small group of privileged people.   Look it up!  Definitions vary slightly,  but are about the same.  You and I all know it. A small group of political leaders RULE over us.

Conservatives beware!  I’m not saying republicans beware.  Republicans are the same as democrats.   No…

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