People get nothing for all the work that they do.10 Their work is very difficult. And God has caused it to be like that.11 But he also causes all things to happen at the right time. He puts questions in our minds. We want to know what happens after our death. We cannot understand all the things that God has done.12 We should enjoy our lives. There is nothing better that we can do than that. We should also do good things during our lives.13 We should get pleasure from what we eat. We should enjoy what we drink. And we should be happy when we are doing our work. These are all gifts from God.

14 Everything that God does will be for all time. We cannot do anything more than what God has done. We cannot take anything away from what he has done. God wants us to worship him. That is the reason for all that he does.

15 Future events will be the same as past events were.

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