ALL I NEED IS A MAN WITH A CROSS IN HIS PAST!  by THE NAME OF JESUS.  That is all anyone needs to be a winner.   Jesus takes care of everything if we take care of others,  He is the CHRIST or anointed one.  We can refer to him as Jesus,  Abba for most.  He likes ABBA,,OR father of mine.!!

Once we realize he is our everything we can rest in his presence.   He comes and lives in our heart. He is our SPIRIT . OUR BODY is dead, and Our soul van be inline once we align our brain with the word of the Bible. When we die our SPIIT AND SOULGOES to GOD?

I had an heart valve operation a few years back,, when I cane too, I could hear the voices of my love ones in the waiting room…I was home safe with my family!!

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