Bible Scripture ON SERVING

“Consider this, you who forget God, or I will tear you to pieces, with no one to rescue you:> PSALMS  50-22

God is not bashful about the following. . when a person comes to know the truth about GOD and decides  later they prefer  life, the way of the world ,better?  There are several who claim to be followers and at the same time act as though they were in the world.  The Bible describes the mentions as “a dog turning back to their vomit?

A person who teaches or preaches the world is held to a higher standard then the common, ley man. God describes a hypocrite as being  or living in wickedness.

IN the eyes of God, he will Judge such person in time severely. People, God wants everyone to follow him thru Grace and by faith But he want you all the way. He does not people who are hot one day and forgets him the next. How  can someone go back to the fifth of this world? Its very easy. I encourage you to refine your mind, By daily reading of scripture. Communicating thru praying to God. The closer you come to God?/ The Better!

Jesus told his followers to wear the armament of God at all times. When ever we see sin, avoid.


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