During the 80,s I became involved in  Little League baseball  with my son…I found out the hard way, if you want a fair shake in Life,?  A person has to become involved . The next 10-12 years, baseball became the life..12 MONTHS  out of the year .

Larry, yours truly, worked as a sales representative in the Tucson Grocery markets. My Job was to represent the Elves from the Hollow Tree  in my employment.  It was cool, because I could work baseball around my schedule.

There was another sales rep involved in the same type of activities, but, ASA Softball with his daughter. SO YOU can imagine what we talked about, when we were lucky enough to meet up in a store somewhere? He represented Mothers Cookies in Tucson.  BY the way, we were rivals in the markets so it was not always a happy atmosphere among piers.  There was Nabisco, Pepperidge farms to name a couple more.

Every Monday, Bob and I would meet at a certain store to talk about the success from the past weekend. Sometimes it was like a couple of fishermen telling stories. I heard so much about his daughter over a 10 years period, I felt I had known her all my life.

I remember thinking, onetime. wonder why we don’t hook them up. They both love baseball related games, But, it was just as I described a  thought. High school ended K went to NAU.. My son a local JC  in Tucson.. Both are very intelligent and with great personalities.

Justin was single at 22. Baseball had ended and he was trying to carve out a niche in life, as far as a career was concerned. He invested a lot of time before finally being blessed in his present job

Kelly went to work for a local school district and is presently doing well. She is an administrator as well.  Justin is moving up the ladder as well.

Anyhow, to end this bad boy, Justin came home one Saturday morning from having a great time out on Friday night.  He asked me, “Dad you know a guy from mothers cookie named Bob” I said yes, why?” He answered,” I met his daughter recently, and we have really hit it off!’  I didn’t think much about it, at the time.

We just spent Christmas with the families this last week in Arizona.  We have 4 fantastic grandsons and a great Mother and Dad, called the FAMILY. 2 GRANDAUGTERS AND I GG GRANDAUGHTER


SMALL WORLD HUH? Jordan loves basketball….Tristan loves everything.









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