Dont grade so deep Cecil

AN OLD BOY WAS BULL DOZING A PLOTD OFF IN A SMALLTOWN,  The land owners didn’t know this when the parcel was approved?  It had been a cemetery in the late 1800s.  We all know the story about ancient artifacts. They always will stop a project.

Cecil called in the bad luck, The boss gave him instructions over the audio walkie talkie. About 3 hours later, Cecil returned to the yard and told the boss he was done.. The boss said we will finish the coffin corner in a week or two. Cecil replies its done Boss.  but I told you to wait for a date. Oh, I thought you said, “don’t be late,” we have our dates tonight.”

Now you know why many of small town cemeteries are taken over by shopping centers. Hard hearing bull dozers should not be hired!!! Or just grade 5 feet deep in the corners?

Just make your complaints to the under taker next time please?




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