The bible time frame we are living  is noted as the last days,  People have become fools,,As to the word of God?/They are definitely blind and can/t hear anything.

The time frame is just like it was before God set Noah’s boat floating in the flood of the earth. People were doing all the things going on in the world today. No one would accept  the warnings about the world coming to an end.

Bible prophecy deals with the world of tomorrow, But, no one cares, There are many things about to happen?/But no one cares?

The most important??How to be right when Jesus returns. To have you and your family invited into the MILLENIUM Kingdom with God.  Pilgrim do you care? If you do, I would advise you to do something about it. To start with? Find out how to believe right?? The rest will fall in place, God bless you in your decision!

There is only one sin God will never forgive?/Saying no to the HOLY SPIRIT,,OR NO TO GOD!!

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