NEXT WAR IN ISRAEL,,STAY TUNED!!The battle of Psalm 83 seems to be the catalyst for setting up conditions necessary for the rest of the end-times events of the Tribulation to occur. It defeats Israel’s surrounding enemies, and destroys Damascus as prophesied elsewhere in the Bible. This prompts the peace treaty with the Antichrist which makes Israel feel like it is living in peace and safety. The protection of Israel by God is what returns Israel to following God, and allows them to rebuild the Jewish Temple. The remaining Muslim countries will wait and rebuild their armies and will break the peace-treaty during the Gog-Magog war which happens sometime during the Tribulation.

I believe the battle of Psalm 83 could happen if the Palestinians are recognized by the UN as a legitimate country, as they are attempting to do in September 2011. This means the start of the Tribulation may be…

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