AN WE thought eve was wrong?

When you first heard of the ADAM AND EVE story? As a kid?  Were you at awe how Eve could be so foolish?  The consequences it  caused by her actions?  I mean they had everything…perfect world!

Today, for people who have been born again, we would never eat anything right?  Especially if do everything the Bible says not to do!!  We all agree we who are born again still sin,  Some more and some less? Or if GOD SAYS NO?

Do you have one of the commandments that scares you when tempted…Do you feel again ladies when you say something bad about someone ?Men the same thing?  Now you              went through.  The Bible doesn’t tell us how long the devil tempted her,?   obviously the DEVIL caught her at a bad moment…Someday we will hear the rest of the story?? Or will we?

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