How Bless the animals were?

To be chosen by Noah, to win the lottery of life , aboard the ARK!!  Can you imagine the number of people who wanted Noah to let them in?  Thousands who would not heed his warnings for over 125 years about sinning in the worse ways!!  You name it?? People did it!!  Almost as bad in modern age? They  like now, were warned.

God used the animals out side to drive the people away from the ARK!! God said he would never flood the world again.  THE RAINBOW GIVES us a sign IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN?

I wont comment about the rainbow ,that lit up Mr. Obamas Home, awhile back.

God promise , when the world, became filthy, he would return. Fire this time Pilgrim.  Have you been born again in JESUS?  better buy you a fire suit, time is running out….MLB


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