Can a person be in the presence of the FATHER!!  a MAN or Woman must accept Jesus as their LORD AND SAVIOR, TO be forgiven for their sins. Sins are the culprits that God will never accept in Heaven.  We must acknowledge we are sinners, ask for forgiveness, and finally be baptized and change the way we  think!

We wont be going to eternal life with God?  We will be tossed into a fiery pit in the earth. This is called the second death,,The following is a list of sins that are not accepted by God.

Sins That Keep One From Heaven
sexual immorality idolatry adultery prostitution
homosexual offenses theft greed drunkenness
slander swindling impurity witchcraft
hatred discord jealousy fits of rage
selfish ambition dissensions factions and envy orgies
abomination lying cowardice unbelief
murderer in hatred and litterally sorcery (drugs)(

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