You betcha!!  God says in the BIBLE, HE will make it rough on teachers  on judgement day, who preach one way and  live another.

In AMERICA, Believers and all place out teachers of the Bible on a higher ground.. When they fall like HUMPTY DUNMPTY we cant accept it.  We tend to forget , they are just men like us all.  Who make mistakes every day. We just seem to hold them , more accountable.   Jimmy Swaggart are an example.

He seemed to attend the prom more than once in his life Shooting darts at his cousin, JERRY LEE, didn’t help in cause.  Then there Jimmy and his wife, Tammy.    Then there’s you and me?  Thank God for Grace!! Thank you Father for your son, JESUS CHRIST! Please save everyone before Hell!! m

So the next time someone falls from Gods Grace? Forgive them but take away their money.  This will between them and their God. Have you ever sinned and have to confess?/  Not easy huh



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