BE 4 JESUS..Satan was a friend

The DEVIL never came around? Only to Congratulate, us for carrying on in a sinful place, called the WORLD.

Then Jesus came into our run away lives and showed his love.  In my case?  He gave me another chance.  He let me live beyond the belief of all the DOCTORS in the Hospital  God used my wife as an instrument to same me.  AMEN

I always was taught, when a man is saved nothing but good things  are in our lives, . No bad things just happiness. Wrong!!

I had it made no more sinning and tap dancing to the Devils Jews Harp.

The devil works overtime to encourage us to deny our God, Jesus  CHRIST!!  He  Throws  everything but the kitchen sink to0 move us back to his world. I lost count of the times I almost gave in.  Jesus tells us GREATER IS HE IN US THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD.

Pilgrim, now you will realize why God says narrow is the gate!  The path evens gets worse.  We should pray for each other to over come temptation. Than God for not letting us fall…Keep our eyes on the prize….FOR GOD IS LOVE,,,






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