I would give anything for a new HEART?

Would you give up everything for a new body and organs? How much would a new body cost?

I can tell you a very simple way to get a new everything.  It will cost you or me nothing, It was paid for 2016 years ago.  For father God loves you and me so much?  He didn’t want to see us die and burn forever.

Before the earth had come into existence, he provided a way.  He directed his son to be a sacrifice for all the people in the world. What’s the ketch?

All we have to do is believe JESUS is the son of God. He died on the cross, resurrected in 3 days, went to be with the father in Heaven. Pray to him to forgive you for every sin since the crib. Come into your life and be your LORD AND SAVIOR.  He will do.  when we die , someday we will be given a new body, You think Superman was cool?



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