GOD has made it plain and simple

There are two options we can choose.! First of all we are saved by the free gift of grace of god . He saves and offers to anyone who will believe in his son. I am a sinner, but I know in the end my SAVIOR will throw me a rope!

1 ,,,WE can accept the work of his son, JESUS CHRIST, UPON THE CROSS?  Nothing we can do folks.. Its the believing part that saves a soul.  Being nice and going to church are by products of knowing and believing in Jesus .FAITH by believing, believing in something one has never seen literally.

He was born to a virgin young lady named Mary. God almighty is the father.  Jesus misnestry began when he was about 32.  In the end, he was crucified on the cross by the force s of evil, He voluntarily died for all the sins ever committed in the world,,Past, present and future.  He was buried in a tomb.  RESURRECTED on the third day, and resides at the right side of GOD in  a immortal body.

Can you believe this Pilgrim about Jesus. who in scripture says ” The only way to god is thru the son, Jesus Christi you can? Congrats,  ,your on the way to life forever.

Now the other way, you deny you believe in Jesus, Scoff at all is written by him?  Congrats…You need a fire suit PILGRIM, You will live in total darkness separated from everyone.   Its time to decide?  Life or DEATH

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