Can you say with all certainty?  You will be with god?              by LAP

If the answer isn’t Yes? Your in a heap of uncertainty!

First of all??  Have you dropped to your knees and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins? An become your savior?  What about him being the son of God?  A Resurrection on the third day?  Have you?  I didn’t say sprinkled with HOLY WATER ,when you were a baby!

Everything Christ did by the Cross is SALVATION if you believe?  Confess your belief.

We cannot work our way or be good enough  for God.  Only his son is the way, truth and the life. AMEN  being good, attending church is not the answer.

If you believe and call on God? You will be saved forever… Then we all can say Yes,,My Holy God is my future amen


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