Is America being chastised by God? 

Part 3: America’s sins against God


The fear of the LORD [is] the beginning of knowledge: [but] fools despise wisdom and instruction.
Proverbs 1:7

The reasons why God could be chastising our nation are nearly endless.  If these attacks were the result of His judgment, I’m amazed that He didn’t hit us a lot harder than He did given the way this nation has turned away from Him in so many ways.  Our liberal news media, the entertainment industry, the public school systems and the ACLU are leading our country in a headlong charge towards paganism, atheism and humanism. Many Christians are putting forth significant efforts to stop this tide of apostasy.  But a far higher number of lukewarm Christians are just sitting on the side-lines expecting someone else to do the hard work and make the sacrifices.  

This is a list of just some of the many ways our nation offends God on a daily basis.  Note that both non-Christians and Christians are engaging in these sins in huge numbers.

  • We are killing innocent babies by the millions in our abortion clinics.  We have passed laws that give protection to the murderers who engage in these savage acts of butchery.  We try to sugar-coat the horror of these acts by referring to them with innocent sounding terminology like “pro-choice” and “a woman’s right to choose”.

For more information about Christian counselling for those who are considering an abortion, who have had one in the past, or for anyone else seeking a Christian perspective on this issue, visit the Focus on the Family Crisis Pregnancy Ministry page at  

  • We kicked God out of the public school systems and replaced Christianity with the false religion of evolutionism.  A wall of protection has been built around this failed theory to shield it from nearly all criticism in the secular public arena (especially the public schools and the media).  Our children are indoctrinated in this false religion against the wishes of many parents.  Many young people today are turning away  from God because they wrongly believe evolutionism has proven the Bible wrong.  Here in Ohio, our State Board of Education has contributed to this problem by adding blatant evolution as fact language to our science standards.  
  • Through the “tolerance” movement, we embrace and even elevate the false gods and false prophets of many religions while simultaneously mocking the true God of the Bible and persecuting His followers.
  • We indoctrinate our children in the public schools to believe that homosexuality is a morally acceptable life-style.  This is often done against the wishes of many parents.  It is also in sharp conflict with God’s Word.  Organizations like the Boy Scouts are attacked for their strong moral stand on the issue of homosexuality.  

For information on Christian counseling for homosexuals and their family and friends, see our Resources for helping Homosexuals (Gays), their Families and Friends link.

  • Our society is so inundated by sexual imagery that most men are caught up in the sin of lust in one way or another. From the scantily clad women in the newspaper and TV advertisements to the porn sites on the internet, we are bombarded with, or are tempted by many of these images every day.  New Orleans, Louisiana, which was recently hit by a devastating hurricane (Katrina), was the sexual sin and decadence capital of the United States with their annual Marti Gras events.  Given the wicked activities of that city, it wasn’t any big surprise to our pastor and I’m sure many others that they were recently chastised by God with this hurricane.

    Prior to the 1960’s, women dressed far more conservatively than they do today.  Today, women’s clothing styles are often in direct conflict with God’s command “that women adorn themselves in modest apparel (1 Timothy 2:9)”.  The advertising industry fans the flames with their increasing reliance on using sex to sell all kinds of products and services.  The problem has gotten so bad that it has had a profound impact even on the church.  One study in 2001 showed that over a third of pastors have visited a porn web site in the past year.  A more recent study indicated that about 55% of men who attend church admit to viewing pornography!  Many women come to church dressed more like prostitutes than the Godly women they profess to be.  They can be a major spiritual stumbling block to the men who attend the same church, but they either don’t care or are oblivious to this fact. 

For more information about how adult men and teenage boys can overcome the sin of lust, purchase the book Every man’s battle for adults, and Every young man’s battle for teenage boys.  Also see the Sex, Love and Relationships link

For more information on what may really be behind the UFO phenomena, see our UFO’s, aliens and life on Mars link.

  • All kinds of New Age cults and philosophies are sweeping the country.

  • Many states allow gambling or even participate in it themselves through state sponsored lotteries.  This in spite of the fact that God does not want us involved in this sinful practice.  It is interesting to note that New Orleans, Louisiana was recently devastated by hurricane Katrina.  According to recent media reports, a large part of their income was derived from this sinful practice.

  • We elect government officials who do not pass God’s litmus test for being leaders.  We turn a blind eye to the many anti-Christian activities president Bush has been involved in, and elect anti-Christian politicians like Ohio’s liberal governor Bob Taft, California’s liberal governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.  We ignore real Christian politicians like those of the Constitution Party who are truly humbling themselves before God, who are obeying Him, and who are willing to stand up for what is right.
  • Our television programming and other entertainment media are filled with immoral filth.  Openly gay characters, rampant sexual images and excessive graphic violence are just a few examples of the problem.
  • Our society is far more obsessed with entertainment, pleasure and sports than it is with Godly matters. As an example, how many millions of people today can quote all kinds of sports statistics, but who would struggle to quote just 4 or 5 Bible verses?
  • For the most part, God is ignored in the mainstream secular media and entertainment industry.  When he is discussed, it is usually done in a token manner, or liberal Christians (if they really are Christians at all) are held up as examples of all Christians.  Discussions of conservative doctrines are often avoided and those who espouse them are usually not given the opportunity to express their opinions and concerns.
  • Premarital sex is rampant in our society, especially in our secular high schools and colleges.  It has almost completely lost the stigma it had several decades ago of being sinful.
  • Many children today are born out of wedlock.  This is an especially bad problem in the African-American community where 70% of all children born are to single mothers (it’s 30% for non-African Americans).  In many cases, single mothers have children with the up-front intention of not getting married to the father because they don’t feel they need a husband to properly raise the child.  Having a child out of wedlock has almost completely lost the stigma that it once had of being sinful.
  • Stay-at-home mothers are mocked as being out-of-touch with the way today’s modern woman should be living her life.
  • Corporal punishment, which is strongly supported by God in the Bible, is being increasingly attacked by the liberal secular psychology community and liberal media as being cruel and abusive.   Because parents are more and more turning away from training their children the way God commands them to, children that are disrespectful towards their parents and other authority figures have become commonplace.  
  • Divorce rates are high.
  • Feminism and political correctness have poisoned the church.  Women pastors, which are forbidden by God in the Bible, are being ordained in increasing numbers.  This by the way is an excellent example of what our web site and others talk about in terms of how Christian compromises with evolutionism can lead to all kinds of other gross misinterpretations and applications of scripture.
  • Many Christians are poor stewards of the money God has blessed them with.  They continue to pour God’s money (all of our worldly possessions really belong to Him, not us) into the services and products of companies and organizations that openly mock our God, when they often don’t have to do business with these companies to begin with.  They also refuse to learn how to handle their money properly and often get themselves buried deep in debt because of this lack of self discipline.
  • God commands that fathers be Godly spiritual leaders in their homes, but few are.  Most fathers today do little if anything to teach and train their children in God’s ways.  Instead, they tend to dump this responsibility on their often already overburdened wives, or on their churches, or it doesn’t get done at all.
  • The church, its pastors and elders are supposed to be our first line of defense against these kinds of problems taking root in our society but many of them are AWOL.  For the most part, churches today are either a) on the sidelines, b) are poisoned with liberalism, c) have drifted away from God’s truths by compromising with the the secular world or d) have watered down their doctrine to the point where it no longer has the impact it should.  In many cases they are to the point of being next to useless to God.  We are profoundly grateful for pastors like Dr. D. James Kennedy who still have the courage and wisdom to face these issues head on.  However, he is unfortunately in a very small minority of pastors today who are willing to do this


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