Throwing rocks at DONALD

The only way to god?  By THE WAY’  of his son, JESUS CHRIST,,,,,,IF you have another God besides Jesus in your Prayers?? You are doomed PILGRIM!

If you don’t have any God to worship and Praise You are doomed, too!

If you have  Jesus in your heart but refuse to follow and be discipline to his Laws? You already know the answer. Believing in Christ means living with him as well. Even the devil believes in JESUS

When God told Noah to build a ARCH?  the world was as rotten to the core…The people made fun of him , for building a huge ship in the desert. After 3 days of rain they WERE NOT LAUGHING ANYMORE.T

FINALLY, A person must be born again to be saved.. I have several articles on being born again please read or use google. John 3 16 is really the Gospel


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