We all know?  No matter, we are suppose to forgive people 7 times 70 times for offences, We all have been seriously scared at one time or another in life?

We usually, come up with some hair brain excuse?  What the Word says?  No matter, we are to forgive as Jesus always did , on earth.

I came up with a little poem for the occasion.  What if Jesus refused to forgive us>?  When he was dying upon the cross. What if he quoted the following?  “My Son or daughter, I cant forgive you , I have become a sacrifice for sin, upon this cross”!  “Why”  Lord why “? you kneel and pray”?    “I can’t forgive  you my child, this is the Sabbath Day!”


One Response to “WHAT IF JESUS?”

  1. Thank you, Jesus, for bearing our sins and forgiving us!

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