When  Satan enticed ADAM AND EVE into sinning?  For the wages of sin is death?  Every person who entered the world thereafter, was a sinner and would die spiritually and physically !!

Before, the world was created, he already  knew,  men when given the freedom to choose between good and evil would fail.  God told the first Adam and his side rib EVE  not to eat from a certain tree, They listened to ‘slick Willie, Satan and ate the fruit, from the tree of life.

He loved the world and all the people who was upon the earth, He had to develops a way for mankind to be forgiven for their sins, This is where Jesus was sent to the earth, really Jesus is OUR GOD IN THE FLESH.

JESUS  HAD NEVER SINNED PERIOD!!  HE BECAME THE HOLY SACRAFICIAL lamb TO PLEASE God, by the shedding of his blood on the cross. A sin to be forgiven had to be sinless and of a man.  Animals could not be used in such a  moment of truth.

We as sinners   MUST ask JESUS  to forgive us,, admit we are a sinner, He was dead for 3 days and was resurrected on the third day.  Acknowledge   Jesus WAS THE SON OF God.  The only way to GOD is accepting Jesus as our savior. We have to ask Jesus for mercy and be provided Grace by father, God. Grace is mercy and salvation for life.

So by the free will given by God?  To choose good from Evil?  He gave his only begotten son,  whoever believed in him would still die, But just the body.  His spirit would never die,

The process above is called being born again. GOD LOVES US FOLKS!    When HE LOOKS AT US IN THE FUTURE?  HESEES HIS ONLY Jesus FACE UPON OUR BODY.

Bible prophecy   tells the reader of the future upon earth, It wont be long before he returns to earth, If you have never been born again?  You will be sent to HELL with all the bad boys of this world.

Its your choice pilgrim,  come to know Christ by reading the Gospels, AND LIVING A LIFE WITHOUT FEAR…”IN JESUS NAME I Pray , for anyone who has read this article!!”





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