Some where and time, God promises  Israel all the land from the TIGRIS to the EUPHRATIES RIVER, Any thing God promises always happens. No matter how large or how little.

If you study Bible Prophecy?  In Isaiah, you will find out a war is going to happen soon in the area. Israel will be attacked by the federations countries on its  borders, Israel I believe its in PSALMS 83?  defeats S THE countries , its size will triple after this war, All of Jordan and Saudi ARABIA will belong to Israel.


The west bank will be dissolved as well.  FOLLOWING THIS WAR, God PUTS a hook in either Turkeys jaw or Russia,  This will be the GOG-MAGOG WAR.  God will decisively destroy all the armies at Armageddon.  the MOUNTAINS will fall, god will destroy by Hail stones, water and confusion amongst the troops. An Earthquake will be at a very high shake.   May God bless our families


This should bring back the Lord … The Israeli people will know Jesus was the Messiah.  He still has the nails scars in his feet and hands.


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