Death by Adams actions.

When Adam disobeyed God. All the people born into the world had a sin nature,,All the people who are alive today?  Were born with a death sentence because of Adam. Men were originally expected to live forever.

God. being all knowing, had to develop a plan so man could live ,Orin ally as planned.  He loved us Pilgrims..  The only way sin could be erased was by shedding Blood’

God had already made plans before the garden was ever built on earth!!

Animal blood would not work.  Sacrifices were used up until Moses to cover sin not being forgiven or forgotten. It took a one time blood of someone who had never sinned, That is where the son of God was brought into the equation.

By now, most people heard the story of Jesus, being the son of God    He was  arrested and crucified for no reason. Everything he did on the cross,, saved, and gave salvation. His resurrection and defeating death.  The actions by the son is called the finish work of God.

God offers forgiveness and life to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, as being the son of God! Died on the CROSS, buried and was brought back to life by god on the third day.  A person must ask for forgiveness ,for all  sin  from the womb, until the grave., our  name,  will be written down in the book of life.


ONLY, people who are willing to believe and confess with their mouth ,”Jesus is Lord?  ‘They will be forgiven by G, forever and ever, May your choice be wise.   GODS Graceis mercy offered to the unworthy, Faith by the way of Jesus. Is the only way to the father amen.




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