The biggest mistake of my life

FOR NOT WORSHIPING JESUS, BEING A GREAT FATHER AND HUSBAND FROM THE START.. I was a very selfish conceited fool.  A sinner all the time,,Thought of no one but my self.  I have paid for my mistakes my friends.  In more ways than you will ever know? I lost a son and a grandson for adultery.

But  now, with a few years remaining, I am trying with the help of the spirit,. to love my fellow man, I cant do it on my own.   Temptation, raises its ugly head even now. But, God”s grace protects me.  Its never too late to accept and repent for JESUS CHRIST.  IF I can do it? Anyone can.  Let Jesus control your life, day in and night home.  Thank you Jesus for you and my wife of 49 years amen


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